How to Clean a Projector inside Lens?

When you use a projector for a long time, it is bound to accumulate dust, and it will lead to blurry and cloudy markings on the image. Since the dust starts forming a layer on the lens, it not only reduces the sharpness and luminosity of the image but also starts hampering the longevity of the lens.

However, you can avoid this by cleaning the projector lens from the inside, which will ensure smooth operation and the best image quality. But do you know how to clean a projector inside lens? Well, if you don’t, you can go through our article, which will tell you how to clean a projector lens.

However, before you start the process, we want you to arrange certain items which will assist you in the projector cleaning process. The things you will need are;

  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Some tissues.
  • Projector lens cleaner.
  • Compressed air.
  • Screw Driver.

Now, let’s start with the maintenance process;

Switch Off the Projector

To start with the process, the first thing you need to do is switch off the projector and unplug the power cable from the socket. If you were using it, then it would be a good idea to allow the lens to cool for a few times before you access it.

Since the lens gets hot due to usage, if you try to access it, then there is a chance that you could damage it.

Open the Interior

Now, it is time to open the interior of the projector, and it would be best to check the manual before you open the device. Different projectors have different opening mechanisms, so you should beforehand; otherwise, you could damage the latch.

In general, either you will have to open the screws using a screwdriver, or else you need to open the latch to get access to the interior.

Blow Away the Dust with Compressed Air

Once you have gained access to inside a projector, you will now have to use the compressed air to blow away the dust. Keep the nozzle a few inches away from the projector and target all the dust on the edges. You should opt for the cleaning of the total housing, especially the fan area that catches the maximum amount of dust.

Rather than going for a long press, you should press at regular intervals to target specific dust areas, and it will help you to effectively clean the interior area. The nozzle will help you to target various close areas which you can’t easily clean with a cloth.

Put Away All the Remaining Dust

While blowing away all the dust with compressed air, there is a chance that some of the dust will remain in the house. Use a microfiber cloth to clear all the excess dust, especially on close areas.

This process is really important because it will help you create a smooth and clean surface before applying a solution based cleaning agent. More importantly, if you don’t clean the remaining dust and apply a solution agent, it will make conditions much worse than before.

Clear All the Dirt and Dust on Exterior

Now that you have a squeaky clean interior, it is time to remove any dust and dirt lying on the exterior of the projector. You can use the microfiber cloth or any other cloth to clear all the dust on the exterior.

However, you should opt for this step once you have cleaned the interior and then closely check various areas because dust easily gets attached to the body due to the moisture. While clearing the dirt and dust, you should take time to clean the air vents and the surroundings as these are the places that catch the maximum amount of dust.

For effectiveness, you take out the air vents (most attached with a latch) and clean them specifically to get a squeaky clean surface.

Clean the Lens

Now comes the final part, where you will have to clean the lens, and while cleaning it, you should avoid putting any excess pressure. Before you start the cleaning process, it would be best to take out the lens cap. Now, add two to three drops of lens cleaner on the tissue or microfiber glass and gently apply it over the lens.

While cleaning, it is advisable to wipe the lens in a circular way because it offers maximum effectiveness during cleaning. After cleaning the lens, you quickly cover it with the lens because the lens cleaner dries up quickly, so there is no need to wait.

Now, your lens is immaculate, and you will have optimum image quality and clarity while you project something on the big screen. Many users have stated that after cleaning the lens, the brightness of the projector also gets restored.

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