5 Best Motorized Projector Screen in 2022

Best Motorized Projector Screen

Setting up a normal wall projector screen by yourself is always a hassle as you will have to mount it and then stretch to it for projection. Not only is stretching and rolling up the screen a tiring task, but it takes a lot of time to accomplish it.

So what is the solution? I recommend you to go for the best motorized projector screen that makes the whole setup process a simple affair. However, you should remember there is no best model for every scenario, and a specific screen type suits certain light conditions. That is why it gets difficult to find the ideal motorized retractable projector screen.

That being said, after some weeks of research and testing, I have devised a list of the finest projector screen motorized that will perfectly meet your needs.

So here are all the top power projection screens that we have found out for you;

Best Motorized Projector Screen: Our Top Picks

Best All-Around

Elite Screens Spectrum

Elite Screens Spectrum

  • Operation Mode: Automatic

  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount

  • View Size: 58.8" h x 104.6" w

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Runner Up

DINAH 16:9 4K

DINAH 16:9 4K

  • Operation Mode: Automatic

  • Mounting Type: Inside, Outside, Wall Mount

  • Viewing Angle: 160 Degrees

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Aoun 120″

Aoun 120″

  • Operation Mode: Automatic

  • Mounting Type: Inside, Outside, Wall Mount

  • Viewing Angle: 120 Degrees

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Akia Screens

Akia Screens

  • Operation Mode: Automatic

  • Mounting Type: Ceiling, Wall Mount

  • Viewing Angle: 180 Degrees

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  • Operation Mode: Automatic

  • Mounting Type: Ceiling, Wall Mount

  • Viewing Angle: 180 Degrees

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The 5 Best Electric Projector Screen of 2022

1. Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen

Elite Screens Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen

A highly rated electric projector screen with a remote is a great way to introduce Elite Screens Spectrum 125-inch motorized projector screen. It is a 125-inch wide screen that you can mount on the wall or ceiling to get a mesmerizing viewing experience of your movies and games. The multi-aspect ratio option of 16:9, 16:10, and 4:3 makes the screen suitable for various usage, whether it is for movies, games, or presentations.

However, it is its powerful tubular motor that takes all the limelight, and it ensures quick operation with smooth speed. The manufacturer has supplied an IR remote, 12V trigger cable, and detachable 3-way wall switch with these automatic projection screens so that you can easily use the screen whenever you want.

Watching visuals on the screen will totally mesmerize you, and the whole credit goes to the 1.1 gain that offers a clear view from all directions. Thanks to the MaxWhite 2 material with fully black backed front projection, you will love watching 4K and 3D visuals.

What’s more? The brilliant screen is coupled with a 180-degree super-wide viewing angle that makes it suitable for a large crowd who can sit comfortably at any angle. You won’t have to face any hassle during the installation as it comes fully assembled, and the steel casing with brackets offers incredible durability that won’t degrade even after years.


  • Perfectly reflects off all the light in all directions.
  • Incredible picture clarity and vividness.
  • Swift roll up and down operation.
  • The build quality is exceptional.


  • The screen size is slightly low.
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2. DINAH 16:9 4K 3D HD 100-inch Electric Projector Screen

DINAH 169 4K 3D HD 100-inch Electric Projector Screen

Dinah retractable projection screen is a hidden gem in the market that might be priced at an affordable rate but delivers features and performance similar to top-end ones. Expandable up to 100inch screens, you can use it in both indoor and outdoor areas whenever you want. The screen is made from premium PVC matte material that not only ensures 100% reflection but also makes sure it is wrinkle-free and easy to clean.

The rear of the screen has a black covering that prevents light penetration and delivers an astounding image quality. The screen also provides a 1.2 gain and holds the capability to project resolution up to 4K resolution, so you can expect to watch visuals at their original quality.

The impeccable viewing experience is enhanced by its 160-degree wide viewing angle, so even if someone is sitting slightly angled to the screen, they would get a clear view. Whether you want to pull down the screen or fold the screen, you can just do it with a push of a button on the remote control or wall switch. The motor that does the retracting and expanding jobs smoothly is quite powerful yet energy-efficient and also has a long service life.

Suitable for both wall and ceiling mount, these power projection screens don’t need any manual assembly and come pre-assembled. You just need to install them with screws or expansion hooks, depending upon the installation. The manufacturer offers a 2-year quality promise, and within these two years, they will offer all kinds of services.


  • Totally value for money.
  • Offers a clear and penetration-free visual output.
  • The motor smoothly manages the screen without causing a crease.
  • Offers support up to 4K.


  • Comes with only one aspect ratio.
  • It could have come with a better viewing angle.
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3. Aoun 120″ Motorized Projector Screen

Aoun 120 Motorized Projector Screen

Aoun 120-inch screen is truly one of the best motorized projector screens offering a premium four-layer PVC matte material projection screen to perfectly blend with your projector. Whether you want to watch 4K, full HD, or 3D visuals, you watch contents at their optimal quality, and the credit partially goes to high-density PBS grating that ensures a clear view.

The 120-inch screen will create a mini-movie theater in your room, while the super black graphite material in the back will ensure zero light penetration. The combination of 1.2 gain and anti-light layer creates an impressive view with rich color and makes it a perfect companion for your high-end projector.

Notably, it supports both the 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio to make sure you can use it for both entertainment and business purposes. The 160-degree viewing angle also adds to the overall experience and creates a vivid view that can be experienced from almost every angle. Experience seamless usability with this 120 motorized projector screen as it utilizes an energy-efficient motor system to open and close the screen swiftly.

To make usability simpler, it also comes with remote control and a wall-mountable control system. It comes fully assembled, so you just have to hang them on the wall or mount them on the ceiling to use it.


  • Limit light bleeding by a large margin.
  • The image quality and clarity are simply brilliant.
  • The motors work efficiently in all situations.


  • It doesn’t reject ambient light.
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4. Akia Screens 104-inch Motorized Electric Projector Screen

Akia Screens 104-inch Motorized Electric Projector Screen

Akia serves as a no-brainer choice when you look for recommendations of the best electric projector screen that is affordable and also impressive in quality. It is a 120-inch large projection screen with a 4:3 HD aspect ratio that can perfectly fit in your entertainment room.

The large projector screen is based on MaxWhite 2 and multi-layer weave, and together they produce an astounding image quality with precise white level for neutral color temperature. The fully black-backed front projection screen also makes a massive impact on the overall image quality by minimizing light bleeding by a large margin.

Like any top 100 motorized projection screen, it also gets a 1.1 gain that not only enhances the viewing but also makes sure you enjoy an immersive 4K UHD and 3D projection. When you place it in your room, everyone will get a clear view even if they are sitting at the corner, and the credit goes to the 180-degree viewing angle.

The proof of its terrific quality and performance is the GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold certification. The screen also houses a high-efficiency tubular motor that smoothly drops and retracts the screen through RF remote and wireless 12V trigger. Not only is it easy to set up the projector screen, but you can easily maintain it by cleaning the screen with ordinary soap and water.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Exception viewing and reflection quality.
  • Suitable for various purposes.


  • The screen material isn’t highly durable.
  • Faces creasing after some months.
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5. YODOLLA 100inch Motorized Projection Screen

YODOLLA 100inch Motorized Projection Screen

Featuring a 100-inch massive projection screen with support up to 4K resolution, Yodolla is a well-renowned retracting projector screen that is preferred by many. To project the visuals at their optimum quality and create a rich output, Yodolla has designed it with premium PVC matter material and 1.2 gain.

The screen also offers a 160-degree viewing angle to maximize your viewing experience and make sure everyone in the room has the same 4K experience from every angle. You won’t ever get a faded view even if there is ambient as it gets a three-layer screen that prevents any light bleeding.

With just a click on the remote, you can easily operate the projection screen and that too without going near it. Moreover, it has an advanced power connection that maximizes safety and ensures zero electric mishaps.

The robust casing holds everything together, and you can easily fix it on the wall or ceiling with the accessories. The best part of this best drop-down projector screen is that it only weighs around 18lbs, so installation on the ceiling or wall won’t be a massive hassle for you.


  • For every resolution, it produces a terrific image quality.
  • It doesn’t cause any unnecessary glare.
  • Swift operation through one click.


  • You will have to purchase the mounting accessories separately.
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Even when you know the names of all the best projector screens, it is important to find the one that will coincide with your needs. Here are some important things that you should check out as they will help you in the process.

How does a motorized projector screen work?

If you are using a motorized projector screen for the first time, it might seem that the whole operation works mysteriously, but it is quite more straightforward than its looks. Rather than using a hook to manually roll up the projector, the screen comes geared with a motor that automatically rolls it up without needing your interference.

The motors are designed in such a way that they properly roll up the screen without causing any crease and tuck them properly under the central head unit. Similarly, when you need the screen, it automatically stretches the display with just one click on the switch, and some of them also expand the screen according to your size requirement.

The best part is all the operations can be done through remote, but some of the older models get switches on the body. However, before you use them, you need to connect the screen to a power source; otherwise, the motor won’t run. The motor doesn’t require enormous power and can efficiently operate smoothly using low voltage.

However, motorized screens are not only limited to wall or ceiling mounts, and nowadays, few companies have also come up with motorized floor standing projector screens. The operation of these screens is quite similar to wall and ceiling mount, but here the head unit is located on the ground.

When you press the switch, the screen automatically pops out and stretches the screen to the intended limit. The motor properly raises the screen, which is attached to the outer frame and doesn’t fall even if you take it to its maximum size. However, motors used in this type of setup are more powerful than wall or ceiling projector screens, but the working is the same.

Buying Guide for Best Motorized Projector Screen

When you are ready to choose the best motorized projector screen for your projector to maximize your experience, you can’t go with any model. You need the guidance of a buying guide like we have created, which will help you to find the right unit for your needs. Just take a look;

Screen Size

Unlike normal projector screens, motorized screens come with specific screen size options, and you need to choose them according to your requirement. The bigger, the better concept doesn’t always work in this segment. The screen size also depends upon where you will set up and the viewing distance of your projector.

For most setups, a 50-inch to 150-inch screen size is more than sufficient, and a large number of people can easily enjoy movies in them. However, if you are planning for an outdoor setup, then we would recommend you to go for a screen size around 200 inches as it would meet your requirement.

Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is an important thing that you shouldn’t overlook when you are getting power projection screens. The viewing angle decides how close the audience should sit when they are watching any visual on the screen. A 180-degree viewing angle serves as the ideal choice because viewers sit in any corner of the room and still, they will get a clear view of the screen.

A viewing angle between 170 to 178-degree also serves as a good choice because it offers wide coverage for a large crowd. However, with a narrow viewing angle, you and your friends have seats closer to the screen.

Gain of The Screen

The gain offered by the projector partially decides the visual quality you will enjoy while watching movies, sports, or showing presentations. Basically, it tells you how much light the screen would reflect off when you project a light source on them. A screen with a gain of 1.0 and 1.1 would offer you an immersive experience because it would reflect the incoming light in all directions.

However, a screen with a high gain of 1.5 and 2.0 also does a good job as it creates bright images, but they reduce the viewing angle. Since the screen focuses the light towards the middle, you will see bright images when you sit in the middle, and they often get affected by hot spots on the screen.

Screen Color

The screen color of the motorized screen may not seem like an essential factor, but you will be surprised to know that different colors have different attributes. The white screen is probably the most common choice as it offers a rich, sharp, and vivid view, but the black may seem lighter in the presence of ambient light.

Apart from white, gray and silver screens also serve as a popular choice, but they will be suitable for you if you need high-contrast visuals. Moreover, the gray screens work best in rooms with high ambient light, and you would get a clear view.

Material of The Screen

Like the screen color, you will also come across various materials of the projector screen, and each of them has its own utilization. Type D materials are mostly present in most popular projector screens as they assist the screen in projecting light evenly in all directions.

This type of material is found in screens that are designed for indoors. Type S material, on the other hand, projects an intense light to create a bright image which would be useful in a setup with high ambient light or outdoor area.

Besides these two types, you will also come across Type R screens that are known for their high translucent capability and can produce super bright images. This material is found in screens that are utilized for exhibitions and events requiring high brightness.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio basically refers to the shape of projection you will get on the screen. While most screens are suitable for 16:9 and 16:10 aspects but there are some motorized screens that come with 4:3 and 2.35:1.

Depending upon your need, you should choose the aspect ratio. If you are looking for a screen primarily for entertainment, then 16:9, 16:10, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios would be ideal. But for business and educational presentations, a 4:3 aspect ratio would be ideal.


Even though the motorized projector screen automatically rolls up and rolls down the screen but there are different installation types associated with it. Some screens are made for wall mounting, while others are made for ceiling installation and floor-standing setup.

You will also come across motorized screens that are portable, and you can easily retract the screen wherever you want. You will have to choose the projector screen you need according to the setup you want. You should properly assess the area where you will place the projector before you choose the installation type.

Motorized Projector Screen FAQ

What screen size should I buy?

The screen size you should buy entirely depends upon your personal preference and the place where you will set it up. Most of the motorized projector screens come with a large screen size so you can watch videos and provide presentations according to your requirement. 150-inch screen size serves as the ideal choice for home entertainment and ordinary usage. At the same time, 200 to 250 inches is preferable if you wish to use the projector screen outdoor and in auditoriums.

What is the best brand for motorized projector screens?

Elite Screens and Silver Ticket Product are considered to be the best brands when it comes to motorized projector screens. Not only do they produce high-quality screens, but they also provide highly equipped motors that smoothly roll up and roll down the screen. Akia screens are also known for their high-quality motorized screens that are super-efficient to use, and they always produce high-quality visuals.

Is a motorized projector screen a good choice?

Motorized projector screens are like any other screen on the market, but they make installation fairly simple. You can easily open and close the screen with a press of a remote button, and that too without any hassle. They properly stretch and roll up the screen without causing any crease or damage. However, the only drawback is that you always make them connected to a power source as the motor needs a certain amount of electric voltage.

Final Verdict

A motorized projector screen is one of the best things you can add to your projector setup as it eases the installation process. They come in various sizes, installation types, and styles, so you won’t be limited to certain choices. Most of the top brands make motorized projector screens, so you can always rely on their quality.

My list of best motorized projector screens carries some units from these top brands that have always impressed their users with their performance and usability. Besides the reviews, you will also come across some helpful information that will help you choose the right product.

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