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Hi, I’m James Hanson, and I have been dealing with projectors for many decades. I have used projectors since my childhood, and later I have been involved in the R & D department of many projector manufacturers. Due to my involvement in the projector market, I’m aware of all the nitty-gritty of all the features and technologies used in the projector. However, it is my passion for the projector that helps to get me involved all the time. To channel my passion and share my knowledge with everyone, I have designed this blog.

Whether you are an entertainment enthusiast avid gamer and offer presentations in the office and classroom, you will find all the relevant information in this blog. I also have a dedicated team who spend hours finding projectors about different categories, and then based on their report; I pen down the review. The product reviews, buying guide, FAQs, and other relevant information on our website are aimed to assist you in picking the most appropriate projector for your needs.

I’m not partnered with any brand or organization, so none of the products I include in our list is for promotion. Instead, I review the products based on the experience of mine and my team. The industry knowledge and association with the R & D process of many projector technologies help in the proper evaluation of a projector. Technology is constantly evolving, so I always keep myself updated with the latest news and details of technology associated with the projector. I have the habit of reading user reviews and blogs of other experts so that I can learn and channel the knowledge when finding the appropriate projector for you.

Apart from the review, my team and I spent a lot of time gathering all the relevant information related to a particular topic. So you can completely trust all the information we put in each of our articles. To maintain the integrity of the blog, I double-check all the articles before posting. I structure and materialize the information in such a way that all the readers can properly relate and understand the nitty-gritty of the projector. My main aim is to serve the needful, and that is why I try to add projectors from different price lists so that there is a product for everyone with different budgets.

If you are someone who is busy with work and doesn’t have enough time to research projectors, then my blog will be the perfect destination for you. Even if you are new to the world of projectors, I’m pretty confident that my blog will adequately guide you to the finest projector catering to your requirement. Along with the reviews, you should emphasize the buying guide and FAQs because the buying guide will help you to find the ideal, while the FAQs will clear a lot of your doubts. I would appreciate it if my readers could leave their valuable feedback in the comment, and I will try to do better.